Your only limitation is your own imagination!

Hello, welcome to my artistic world! I am a professional artist by trade, creating art from a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, custom fine-gem jewelry, pottery; both hand-built slab and wheel-thrown, & silk-screen. Offering art instruction in both pottery and painting, presently I operate a mobile paint party service, where I come to your home, club, or place of business, supplying everything for the attendees to complete and take home their own masterpiece painting in 3 hours. The cost is $40 a person, and the host paints for free! Call me (757-646-1199) anytime to set your paint party up. I can provide the image we'll paint ahead of time for your approval, or you can send me a picture of what you might like to paint!. My past experience of running my own art gallery (Artistic Creations Art Gallery) representing over 139+ artists over a 5 & 1/2 year period, throwing 100's of receptions, and teaching Sip & Paint classes to over 1200+ students, has perfected my teaching methods to the point I can teach anyone to paint anything in 2-4 hrs, ranging from extremely simple to fairly complicated. The only requirements are a willingness to listen, learn and have fun!


At this time 35+ local artists are represented with concentrations in almost all mediums, including Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, & Collage paintings, Sculpture, Pottery, Blown Glass, Jewelry, Photography, Paper Mache, & Gyotaku(Fish Rubbings). We also offer art classes in all medums as well as classroom space available for art-related activities. We are open year-around (with the exception of major holidays), 7 days a week. We have featured artists and themed shows every month.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the first prehistoric cave-art, man has shown his desire for self-expression. As an artist, I can only hope that spark is alive in everyone, though it be suppressed. Helping to ignite as many sparks as possible through my art, is my goal. With the constant output of positive creativity, in an entertaining fashion, who knows what levels of enlightenment can be obtained? Be creative, and do good work!